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Media Production House is specialised in bringing together non-profit and public organisations with commercial partners. We are specialised in Creating financial models and innovative and creative content marketing propositions to compensate for the current withdrawal of governmental support and funding for medical research, cultural, social, arts, science,



Project management

Proposition development

Dutch and European media law consulting

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complex Dutch and European (media) laws, there are strict regulations that govern what a public or not-for-profit company is permitted with respect to private funding. Media Production House's clients are the type of organisations who need public broadcast organisations to reach their target groups with marketing and fundraising activities. In fact, they are natural partners of public broadcast companies because they have the same target audience and non-profit character. Due to the government cut backs, there are now new rules and regulations enacted by the Dutch government to clear the way for the development of new marketing and partnerships concepts between all public (state funded) organisations and commercial orginisations.

The commercial organisations now have an entirely new opportunity to market themselves as responsible and socially involved organisations that support public interest. On a further note, a side effect of Dutch media legislation is that public broadcasters are not allowed to use the program budget to employ professionals to acquire the necessary fundings. The cost of acquiring program funding can not be placed on the program budget and 100% of    all acquired external funding has to flow back in the program.Due to these regulations and to recover the acquiring costs such broadcast companies are mostly forced to work with external partners or consultants. This is part of the basis expertise of Media Production House.

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Sponsoring and marketing business development

Institutional, corporate and private funding on a national and European level

non-profit, NGO’s and broadcast related projects and initiatives through partnerships. We offer one of a kind content marketing opportunities through social responsible corporate communication and sponsor marketing with dedicated commercial partners and social relevant organisations with a high impact on society.